Our Story

Intent on starting an aquaculture business, founder Sara Rademaker returned to Maine in 2012. All she needed was the right species: one that worked with land-based aquaculture and had a connection to Maine- a place she loves and calls home. The American eel caught her eye. Eels are one of the few fish that have been successfully grown in land-based recirculating aquaculture. In seeing Maine's glass eels shipped abroad and eel products of questionable origin and quality returning, she saw an opportunity to do things better by raising eels locally-- bringing more connection to the coastal communities that harvest them and providing an accountability that does not exist with current eel products.

With just a handful of eels in her basement, she officially started the business in 2014. Expanding to a pilot facility one year later, American Unagi demonstrated that eels can be grown locally and that "traceability" mattered to consumers. With the pilot facility now at capacity, the company is expanding in 2018 to a commercial facility. Our team of experts and staff are dedicated to offering a delicious, high quality eel, sourced and raised in coastal Maine to a growing number of consumers.


American Unagi has been encouraged at every turn by the unwavering support of Maine's fishing, culinary, and business communities.The growth and success of American Unagi has been possible by a vast network of supportive organization including Maine Technology Institute, Maine Sea Grant, Maine Aquaculture Innovation Center, and the USDA. To each and every one, we offer our most sincere thanks and deepest gratitude.