Fresh From the Maine Coast. Responsibly Sourced and Raised.


American Unagi is raising the bar for fresh, live eels in America. All of our eels are locally sourced and raised to market size right here on the Maine coast. They are grown without the use of hormones or antibiotics.  And since our fishery is managed by the Maine Department of Marine Resources and Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, you can feel confident that American Unagi eels are sourced from a responsibly managed wild stock. So whether you love eel for its incredible taste, its many health benefits, or just want to know what the buzz is about, American Unagi is your best source.



Our Eels


Unlike any other, American Unagi eels are exclusively sourced and raised in Maine. Feel confident that you know where your food is coming from.

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Our team saw an opportunity for positive change and are producing eels that are better for the environment, the species, and our customers.  



Eels are connected to cultures and culinary traditions spanning centuries and reaching all parts of the world. See our blog for recipes, stories, lore and news.



“American Unagi is providing a product that is more sustainable and with a higher assurance of quality that is Maine raised.”

Matt Howe, Founder and Owner of Sushi Maine



  • Featured in Zest Maine Magazine

  • Emerging Idea Winner at Gorham Savings Bank's LaunchPad Competition

  • 2017 Fish 2.0 Finalists



Taste the unparalled flavor of American Unagi.