From Fisherman to Farm to Your Kitchen -- Unprecendented Traceability

Traditionally, Maine's glass eels would be exported to Asia to be grown. Then several years later eels are imported back to the US-- after being raised in unknown conditions with questionable additives and often may not even be American eels. Most eels you eat will have circumnavigated the globe on some unknown path to your plate.

We have chosen to do things better-- more respectfully and more transparently-- and we know it shows in our products.  American Unagi eels are sourced exclusively from Maine's well-managed fishery, raised in land-based aquaculture systems located on the coast of Maine, and our eels are fed a high quality diet without the use of hormones or antibiotics. American Unagi is providing our customers with a traceable, safer, and ultimately, more sustainable eel choice than what exists on the market.

With the purchase of an American Unagi eel, you are not only supporting a well-managed glass eel fishery but a coastal Maine community with deep roots in the working waterfront.